Animal and Code Violations

The Marble Falls Animal Control Services, Fire Marshal, Building Official and Code Enforcement Officer may issue a summons (looks similar to a citation) to citizens or may file violations of City Ordinance complaints with the court. If you were issued a summons, you have 10 business days to respond to the Court. If they file complaints, a summons will be served to you by an officer OR may be mailed to you.

City Ordinance violations incur court costs and a fine when filed with the court. In most cases, the fine does not exceed $200, however, in health and safety issues, the fine can be up to $2000. You can pay your violations ONLINE

If you have a case for animal license and /or rabies, please see chart below and in order to get these dismissals, you cannot pay online. Review the City Ordinances.

Animal Violations

Violation Action
Fail to Provide Proof of City's Animal License $10 dismissal with proof that license 
has been obtained
Fail to Provide Proof of Rabies Vaccination $10 dismissal with proof of rabies vaccination

City Ordinance Violations

Violation Action
All City Ordinance Violations Varies by case and charge but each violation 
can incur additional charges for every date
of violation thereafter