Criminal Investigations Division

The Marble Falls Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is comprised of a Captain and three Detective Sergeants.

Division personnel bring a wealth of diversified police experience to the job and are highly trained and well equipped to conduct investigations. Each member of the division participates in 40 hours of recurrent training every year as well as an additional 40 hours of training in a special concentration of their choice.

Special areas of training include Hostage and Crisis Negotiation, Mental Health Peace Officer, Homicide Investigation, Child Death Investigation, Sexual Assault and Family Violence, Crime Scene Forensics, Property and Evidence Room Management and Forensic Video and Photograph Enhancement.


The Captain is charged with ensuring the criminal investigation division has tools and training required for each Detective to complete their job with efficiency and professionalism. 

Detective Sergeants

The Detective Sergeants are charged with the investigation of crimes and criminal activity occurring within the jurisdiction of the Marble Falls Police Department.