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  1. Downtown Marble Falls Activities Form

    This form should be used for activities that do not qualify for a special event application yet still are held within the Public Right... More…

City Secretary

  1. Application for Appointment to a City Board or Commission
  2. Public Information Request
  3. Special Event Permit Application

    A permit is required to conduct a Special Event. Special event means a temporary event, gathering, or organized activity, including,... More…

  1. Handbill Permit Application
  2. Solicitor Permit Application

Development Services Department

  1. Garage Sale Permit Application

    To have a garage sale you may fill out this form online. Once submitted, it will be sent to the Development Services Department for... More…

Finance Department

  1. Bank Draft Form

    The Bank Draft Program is a service the City of Marble Falls Utility Department provides as a convenience to our customers. Customers... More…

  2. Utility Disconnect Form

    Use this form if you would like to request services to be disconnected at your active account.

  1. Hotel Occupancy Tax Report

Parks and Recreation

  1. Adopt-a-Bench Application

    By submitting this form, you are formally applying for a Memorial Bench and agree to pay all costs associated with the procurement and... More…

  2. Facility Cleaning Request

    Report any unmet or special facility cleaning need.

  3. Wi-Fi Terms and Conditions

    Community Wi-Fi

  1. City of Marble Falls Sponsored Event - Vendor Application

    To apply to be a food/beverage/treat vendor at a City of Marble Parks and Recreation Sponsored event, please apply below.

  2. Facility Cleaning Request Followup

    Report Status of Cleaning Request

Police Department

  1. Animal License Application
  2. Commercial Alarm License Application
  1. Citizen Feedback Form

    The information in this form will be used to evaluate the professionalism of the Police Department staff.

  2. Residential Alarm License Application