Water/Wastewater Services

The Water/Wastewater Department consists of one supervisor and nine employees. The department maintains the City's water and wastewater distribution systems. Responsibilities include the construction of line extensions, repairs, replacement, installation of service and collection taps, meter reading, flushing of lines, installing manholes, and tie-ins. To abide by guidelines set by the Texas Commission on Environmental Equality (TCEQ), the department performs mandrill tests on all new wastewater collection lines and pressure tests on all new water distribution and wastewater collection lines. 

Goals & Objectives

  • Supply the citizens of Marble Falls with a reliable and adequate supply of water  
  • Protect the health and safety of the public by maintaining a reliable wastewater collection system
  • Minimize the interruption of water service and wastewater collection by providing trained personnel to respond to calls 24/7.

Accomplished in 2022

  • Installed 1000' of 8" water main from Main St. to Buena Vista for Hotel Conference Center
  • Installed 700' of 6 "water main on Crestview from 4th St. to 6th St.
  • Installed 1300' of 8" water main on Broadway from Ave. N to Ave. Q
  • Install 2100' of 8" water main on Johnson St. from Ave. N to Ave. S
  • Complete the Automatic Meter Interface project of installing 3400 MACH 10 water meters
  • Installed 1000' of 6" purple pipe from Main St to Buena Vista for Lakeside Park Irrigation
  • Installed 3400' of 8" sewer main on Loma Vista project
  • Installed 425' of 2" force sewer main for the Herning project
  • Relocate 700' of 8" sewer main from Main St. to Buena Vista
  • Replace 400' of 6" sewer main with 8" HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipe in the alley west of Ave. N from 2nd St. to 3rd St. 
  • Replace 2 pumps at Los Escondido life station
  • Replace 2 pumps at Flat Rock lift station
  • Result of the October flood
    • replace a panel and 2 pumps at Westside life station
    • rebuild a panel and replace 2 pumps at Pecan Valley 

Plan to Accomplish in 2023

  • Full rehabilitation of Los Escondido lift station
  • Upgrade Vista lift station with a new pump, panel box, SCADA alternative technology, 3 phase power and add quick connect for generator. 
  • Implement a plan for manhole rehabilitation 
  • Implement a maintenance plan for cleaning sewer mains and lift stations with the Vactor Truck to extend pump life and stop pump stoppages
  • Manuel monitor lift stations on a regular basis to ensure no issues until SCADA alternative is installed on all lift stations
  • Continue to camera inspections of our sewer system to identify problem areas and make repairs
  • Replace 400' of 6" clay sewer main with 8" HDPE pipe in the alley west of Ave. N from 3rd St. to 4th St.
  • Install 700' of 8" water main on South Ave. S from Johnson St. to the creek
  • Install 1400' of 3" electrical conduit on Maint St. from Yett St. to Buena Vista
  • Install sample ports as required by TCEQ
  • Implement a valve cleaning program with Vactor Truck
  • Implement a valve exercise program
  • Install foam plugs inside the valve risers
  • Implement a construction crew and maintenance crew to more efficiently accomplish projects and keep up maintenance issues.