Mayor's Desk

As I approach the last year of my term as Mayor of Marble Falls, I am encouraged by all we have accomplished and where we are headed. 2020 is slated to be another exciting year for the City and surrounding Central Texas Communities.

Every year City Council and Staff convene to conduct strategic planning for the upcoming year. This year, the priorities focused on ensuring quality service to the community through improved infrastructure, better streets, and a great park system.


As we conducted repairs and recovery from the flood throughout last year, we determined to put in place mitigation measures moving forward with two big infrastructure projects in 2020. Maintaining basic city services in times of flood or drought is a driving factor in planning for the future.

Last year we completed a comprehensive study which provided direction for the design of a new wastewater treatment plant. With our current plant reaching capacity, we are planning for the future by exploring new technologies, a new location and an overall design to include permitting for added capacity, effluent disposal, and all necessary lift stations and supporting infrastructure. Our goal for 2020 is to begin design for a new wastewater treatment facility that will serve the community for decades to come.

Continued water plant upgrades are also on the schedule for 2020. This year we will be upgrading an existing clarifier and installing two new intake pumps. We have completed upgrades and expansion to allow for processing 4.8 MGD daily. The next step is to increase pump capacity in order to prevent any type of service interruption.

We are continuing to build a stronger street maintenance program. New equipment added to the Public Works Department has expanded our maintenance capabilities. This coming year we plan to perform 750 linear feet of street reconstruction, over 15,000 linear feet of level up and chip seal surfacing, and almost 6,000 feet of liquid asphalt surfacing. In addition, we plan to continue to be aggressive addressing pot holes and crack sealing on City streets.

Great parks have a huge impact on quality of life for any community. Our park system is one of our greatest assets and last year we completed major improvements to Lakeside Park which will officially open to the public in the coming weeks. I look forward to continuing to improve our park system and am very excited about the opening of the beach on Lake Marble Falls.

We are going to continue to invest in our parks in 2020 with the expansion of the hike and bike trail system connecting Westside Park trails to the Greens-Childers Ball Field hike and bike trail.

We will also begin the design of our next phase of improvements along the waterfront. This project will focus on enhanced connectivity and accessibility as well as create additional parking for our downtown.

Thank you for the opportunity to share the vision for the coming year. We remain dedicated to managing our growing community and providing top-notch service to our citizens while maintaining that small-town feel.

John Packer, Mayor
City of Marble Falls