Lakeside Pool Rules

Lakeside Facility Rules 

Proper Bathing Attire: The City of Marble Falls works hard to ensure the health and safety of our pools by following industry best practices and CDC Health Guidelines. Please note the swim attire requirements for the Lakeside Pool. 

Maximum Capacity: The maximum capacity of the pool is 135 people. If the maximum capacity is reached, no additional patrons will be allowed to enter until the current guest(s) permanently leave the facility. 

Food and Beverages: Food is not permitted on the pool deck at any time. Patrons are encouraged to eat outside of the pool. Closed container drinks are permitted on the pool deck. Glass bottles and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in or around the facility. A vending machine with water is on site.

Coolers: are not permitted on the pool deck, but can be placed outside of the fence.  

Smoking: Smoking or Vaping is prohibited anywhere in the aquatic facility or immediately adjacent to the pool. 

Drop Off Policy: Adults are required to be on the pool deck to monitor children under the age of 14. Children over the age of 14 are permitted to be dropped off at the Lakeside Pool, given they can pass a swim test. 

Swim Tests: Patrons wanting to go down the slide and dive board section of the pool, will need to successfully complete our swim test. Upon completion the swimmer will receive a green wrist band alerting lifeguards they have been swim tested and are permitted in that area of the pool.

Wrist Band Colors: wrist bands will be handed out based on patrons ages when entering the pool deck. Should patrons in the 5-12 age division want to use the slide or dive board, they will need to pass a swim test with the lifeguard. 

  • Red - Children 0-6 years of age must be accompanied by a parent who is within an arm's length of their child at all times and who is actively playing with their child in the pool.
  • Yellow -  Children 7-9  years old must always have a parent within arm's length in the aquatic area. 
  • Green - Children 12 & Under who pass the swim test are permitted to go of the slide and dive board. 

Non-Swimmers: For your child's safety, an adult must be within an arm's reach of any child in the pool. 

Foot Wading PoolAll children in the wading pool must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

Swim Diaper Policy: All infants and toddlers that require a diaper must wear a swim diaper and proper swimwear overtop the swim diaper when in the pool. 

Goggles & Mermaid Tails: Goggles with the nose piece are not permitted in the pool. Mermaid tails are not permitted in the pool.  

Life Jackets: Must be Coast Guard approved life jacket. Life jackets are not permitted in the deep end of the pool. For your child's safety, an adult must be within an arm's reach of any child using a flotation device,

Play Toys & Floats: Aquatic play items such as, footballs, water guns, hard toys, diving sticks, toys, pool noodles, floats are not permitted in the pool. Masks, snorkels, or fins are not permitted

Safe Behaviors: No diving or jumping from the pool sides. To prevent injuries, running and other dangerous activities are not permitted. No competitive breath holding or prolonged under water swimming is permitted in the pool. 

Foul Language: The use of foul language, obscenities or other vulgar or disrespectful language toward pool personnel or other patrons will not be permitted, and anyone violating this will be asked to leave the pool deck immediately. 

Aquatics staff are responsible for enforcing all pool rules; willful or repeated violators will be asked to leave and/or lose pool privileges for up to the entire season. Final determination of suitability of toys or behaviors shall be made by the pool management.

The Lakeside Pool may be closed as needed for weather or other pool related incidents at the discretion of the City of Marble Falls. 

Please contact 830.798.6250 with any additional questions.