Operations is the workhorse of the Fire Department. These are your firefighters. Currently, Marble Falls Fire Rescue has 12 members divided into three shifts with each shift having a Captain, an Engineer,  and two Firefighters. They work 48 hours on 96 hours off.

A Shift

Firefighters of A shift pose together

A Shift- left to right: Firefighter Justin Parks, Firefighter Jeff Beltran, Captain Coy Guenter, Engineer Kelly Oestreich

B Shift

Firefighters of B shift pose with equipment

B Shift- left to right: Firefighter Evan Blomstrom, Captain Rowan Arnold, Engineer Russell Daniell, Firefighter Jonathon Morrison

C Shift

Firefighters of C shift pose with tools

C Shift- left to right: Captain Sam Stacks, Firefighter Ken Schwake, Firefighter Andy Sanguinet, Engineer Randy Rankin