How long is the park open?
All City parks are open daily from 6 a.m. until 12 midnight.

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1. Are pets allowed in the parks?
2. Can I get a refund on my reservation if it rains or gets too cold?
3. Where can I find a complete listing of park rules?
4. How long is the park open?
5. Can I pay for my reservation online?
6. Can I reserve any other ball field besides the Johnson Park ball field?
7. Can I get an alcohol permit without reserving a pavilion?
8. Do you have any pictures of the parks?
9. What should I do if someone is sitting at my reserved location?
10. What is the cancellation policy for a park pavilion reservation?
11. Can I park my RV or camp in a tent overnight in the parks?
12. How many hours can I reserve a park pavilion?
13. Can I set up a bounce house or water slide without a park reservation?
14. Are there any special requirements in order to have a family reunion?
15. Can I bring my own BBQ grill to the park? Is there a grill size restriction?
16. Is there a fee to use the boat ramps?
17. Can I renew my boat or fishing license at the Parks and Recreation Department?
18. Am I allowed to swim in Lake Marble Falls?
19. Is there any overnight camping available in Marble Falls parks?