Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control

**NOTICE** Changes to City of Marble Falls Cross Connection Control Program

Information for Backflow Assembly Testers

  • BPAT Testers will no longer be able to submit paper test reports directly to the City of Marble Falls.
  • The City of Marble Falls has chosen to partner with Vepo, LLC, effective January 3, 2024, to allow for the on-line submission of Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Reports through the Envirotrax® system.
  • All testing information will be entered directly by the Tester, into the on-line, password protected system, provided by Vepo, LLC.
  • If you have any additional questions or issues regarding the Annual Testing of your Backflow Prevention Assembly devices you may contact someone at the City of Marble Falls Development Services at (830) 798-7095.
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Why do I need to have my device tested?

Backflow prevention devices are mechanical devices, containing springs and other moving parts that are subject to wearing down and/or breaking. Routine maintenance and testing is necessary to ensure the device is working properly. Depending on the degree of hazard, high health hazard backflow prevention devices need to be tested annually.

  • Annual Testing is required for High Health Hazard devices. These devices are typically used for non-residential purposes, such as hospitals, restaurants, industries, etc. in which there is a high risk of contamination. Residential pools with auto-fill are also required to have a high hazard device and have it tested annually.