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1. How do I request a copy of an incident report?
2. How long does it take to process a request for records?
3. How much does an incident report cost?
4. Will I be receiving the entire report?
5. How do I find out if I have a warrant?
6. How do I obtain a restraining order?
7. What is the phone number to the Marble Falls Driver's License Office?
8. What is the phone number to the Marble Falls Vehicle Registration Office?
9. I was stopped for speeding and asked the officer to see the radar, he/she refused. Is this legal?
10. I was told that my traffic stop was recorded by a video camera mounted in the patrol car. How can I view the video?
11. I called the police to report a crime and I told the officer that I think I know who did it. Why has this person not been arrested yet?
12. How do I find out how much my traffic ticket will cost?
13. How do I find out which Investigator is assigned to my case?
14. How do I get a Criminal Trespass Warning issued?
15. How do I cancel a Criminal Trespass Warning?
16. If I disagree with an Officer’s traffic crash report, what can I do?
17. Do I need an alarm permit?
18. Does the Police Department unlock vehicles?
19. Can I have one of your agency's patches or will you participate in trading patches?