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Welcome to Community Voice, an online conversation about our community. We welcome your creative ideas as we plan for Marble Falls' exciting future. You will have to create an account, or use your Facebook account to log-in before any comments can be posted. You will be able to comment on existing initiatives or topics and ideas that represent the goals of the City Comprehensive Plan and Master Plans; or add new ideas that you feel should be considered. Then make sure to cast your vote for the ideas that you like best! Let’s get started on working together in Marble Falls for our future.
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  1. Water front development and the Huber Engineered Materials plant south of 2nd

    My idea is to development affordable multi family housing near main south of 2nd street however there is a big plant that is not conducive to an attractive areas for families near downtown. I...

    May 22, 2021 by Samuel Perez (5 points)

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