Get Notified in an Emergency

The fastest and most efficient way to get notified of significant events in your area is to sign up for Emergency Notifications through Warn Central Texas.

This Regional Notification System (RNS) allows public officials to alert you after you self-register for the program. You may opt-in to enter your contact information and subscribe to notifications you care about based on your location. The information you provide is protected and will not be used for any other purpose.

Notification types include:

Emergency Notifications (or Emergency Warnings): Messages sent from local emergency response teams for natural and man-made disasters and events that could include actionable tasks such as shelter in place or evacuation instructions.

Weather Notifications (or Weather Alerts): Automated messages from the National Weather Services for events such as tornadoes watches and warnings, flash flood warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings.

Community Notifications: Non-emergency messages sent from your local government.

How It Works

When we issue a notification about a potential safety hazard or concern, you will receive a message on the voice or text communication methods that you have registered. If requested for the notification, you can confirm that you have received the message and you will not be contacted by any subsequent methods regarding that particular notification.

If you do not confirm, the system will continue to attempt to reach you at all of the contact paths that you have registered.

Sign up for Notifications

Create an account and add your contact and location information into the RNS. All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

Stop Receiving Notifications

You can stop receiving at any time by removing your contact information from your profile.