2016 Texas Warrant Roundup
Starting February 19th
Click Here for Marble Falls Municipal Court Round Up Information 

Payment Requirements
If you have a warrant or multiple warrants with the Municipal Court, you must make your payment in full. You may pay in full online. If you are unable to pay the warrant(s) in full you must contact the Municipal Court to discuss options of taking care of your outstanding balance.

Once your citation is in warrant status, the Municipal Court places a denial of renewal on your driver’s license. This hold will not be removed until you have paid your warrant(s) in full. Once you have paid your warrant, you can check for clearance on your driver's license for renewal here.

Warrant Listing
The WARRANT LIST will be updated at least bimonthly. If you have paid or cleared a warrant it may not be reflected until the warrant list is updated. If you have any questions please contact the Municipal Court at 830-693-7173.